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I'm Tia.

And Ive spent the past twenty years sharing my pops, his art, the studios art, the film's art, other animators art... with you on the internet. Via these websites. Social Media. Book publishing attempts. Videos. Recordings. And yes - I believe in the early 2000's a few podcasts were created to share RBs stories (where in gods name they are now.... I couldn't tell you.)

It has been mostly a joy.

A few hard times.

Some ass***s in the mix.

Some beautiful people too (Brother Rabbit - you hear me)

It's been a roller coaster for sure - a fun one. Sometimes I jump off...but so far I have always gotten back on.

I love sharing the studios art. Bakshi's art. Film art. Other animators art. Because I can. And art is meant to be shared and explored and contemplated and passed on. If it is closed off from humanity in dusty dark shelves, where are our stories to learn from going to disappear to?

So here we are.

Exploring. Discovering. Trying new things.

We are not perfect and plans change.

Which is a good sign - because progression in this world comes from change. And if we don't rally around it, embrace it and honor it - how can we improve as humans.

Family, and without family where are we? I love my family and am proud of each of us - for all of our differences, our strengths, our weaknesses and our potential. As I hope you too have a family - whether it by birth or choice - that you too can support, shine a light on, celebrate in any aspect. However you can. We all need someone to support. And be supported. Especially in these insane twisted times. And please stop telling me you can do it better (for one- duh...of course you can - and two: I literally have 33,000 emails I can not get to so just stop sending them.) Because Im sure you could. If you were me. But you're not. And doing the best we can here and now. Sharing what we know , how we know it, and learning along the way. So no, the sites are not perfect. This blog has hopes and dreams, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I am attempting to share with you a little bit more of who I think RB is, who we know RB to be. And I hope we can convey the incredible human he really is. As an artist. As a father. As a husband. As an animator. As the true cowboy in the wild friggin west that he is now. As the kid in the wild friggin east he came from...

Enjoy. And it's a pleasure to meet you.


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