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i'm up from the ashes

like a streaking comet

my red cape flutters in defiance

behind me

my hooded head and goggles

peer ahead to the upcoming fray

and dismal swirling fog

i fly to the rescue of anything worthwhile

with words and deeds

even when i'm beaten back

by the wings of defeat

or groveling in the muck

of my adversaries

my stoic character

makes me push that garbage aside

at any cost

and start again

i am a force to be reckoned with

a superb specimen of agility

brawn brains intellect honor courage

there is only a beautiful glow

when i pass through

but my many detractors

plan my destruction

i know and sneer at this

shrug off the consequences

what must be done well

must be done

you can quote me if you wish

i go forth

because i am the RALPH part

of the Bakshi

at your service

yes i am

of course..........


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