Love & Peanut Butter

Im slathering peanut butter on a cinnamon raison bagel in ecstasy. Pure joy. How much do I love peanut butter. I love peanut butter. With honey. With marmelade. With apples. Even with chicken. But right now at this moment its especially special because I am traveling. Im not home. Hmmmm. That sounds a little weird. Here's the thing - my daughter has fallen in love with a human that will die if he ( probably ) even smells peanut butter. Well, maybe that is a bit extreme , but thats the way it feels. Especially after we almost killed him once when he was at our house and he, and his whole family, spent (what was supposed to be a nice quiet relaxing Sunday) the whole night in the emergency room. Alas - lesson learned and we just will not do peanut butter anymore. Ever. Absolutely not because of them or their request - in fact it’s quite the opposite for them, but for our own sanity. Talk about scaring the shit out of us - I can not even imagine what they felt. Alas, I move past this moment in time.

So….. slathering on my peanut butter ( thousands of miles away and weeks away from seeing other humans) Im thinking of all the people in my family that love peanut butter. Basically everyone. I mean just look at pure facts in my household….my dad goes through jars of it like water… straight up not even on rocks. I even know to open a fresh jar if Im going to imbibe, because who wants another’s saliva filled jar …Ick! Everyone around here has a “thing” for peanut butter, except that one bizarre child of mine. I tried so hard to share the joys of the almighty pb&j with her. I combined it with Nutella, or bananas or apples or ice cream. I would gently slather thin layers. No. Thickly and obnoxiously slather tumultuous amounts on . No. Sprinkle. No. Dab. No. Hide even. No. Who is this creature that can not eat peanut butter the almighty? I never understood? Nobody understood? It led to many thoughts and rumors about where this little person came from and how did she get here and if there is a goddess in this world…what lesson is our family being taught to send her thus?!?!? Perplexing all of us for years and years. Such scandalous thoughts raced through our minds…. For years. Years.

Then this morning, while childishly giddy with copious amounts of peanut butter amply trailing down my fingers, face, hair and now computer (oops)…. It dawned on me.

It is love.

Perhaps… in a magical world of fairy tales, my girl was destined to meet this boy. This boy who really is not a peanut butter boy. And, although this girl should be a peanut butter girl (says her overbearing, domineering, pain in the ass peanut butter family), this girl, in her heart knew that one day she might meet this boy. And there it is … obviously. Boom. It was her Fairy Godmother that twinkled her magic wand, spraying about all that glitter and sparkles and rainbows and tulle everywhere that was constantly tumbling about the girl wherever she goes. It was her Fairy Godmother that magically enveloped the girl with enchantments while she slept and made it so she would be quite averse to anything peanut butter. For she knew that there would be enough challenges in love and war and growing, and peanut butter shall not be one of them for her. Together, boy and girl could glide over the peanut butter hurdle and move on to less important matters like friendship, honor, trust and love.

Here I am, witnessing a magical fairytale. With a princess and prince and Fairy Godmothers and sparkles and magic and maybe even those rainbow unicorns …. and peanut butter. Isn’t it Grand?

And now, finally, understanding exactly where this particular human of mine came from. She came from love. And another fairytale. With another story to tell. But not about peanut butter.

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