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i always felt there was something wrong even though my teachers said it was alright i always felt there was really no real control checks and balances preached to us in history class somehow felt vague distant not clear i always felt how could it have been okay to own slaves but later i thought when great black leaders came forward to speak about injustice and newspapers with angry young writers that they could make a difference once people heard and read the truth they would feel like i do after all werent young black men fighting in vietnam right now and so many years before when they fought along side white men in ww2 that things would change when they got home but as i read the news today that feeling i had as a young man seems to have been true that in reality who we thought we were and said it loudly proudly what we are who we really are is not even close to all that yelling and righteous bellowing because all those bright young men will run away when their income is in danger or their ratings or their tranquility a million abuses are accepted by so many god fearing men and women i understand better how hitler was supported then and now which also clears up why the pope ignored or enjoyed the death camps why the allies did not bomb the railroad tracks leading to the black belching smoke stacks of the death camps they did not know said the code breakers and secret service all this was wrong i felt as a child but somehow i also felt we were a strong brave great democracy those comic books i read i believed in super man boy commandos captain america dedicated to fight injustice that was the real america they taught me the truth well it was to me then

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