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A New Ralph Bakshi Collection Released: A Very Personal Homage to 2d Animation

A Personal Bakshi Homage to 2D Animation and an entire generation of Fleischer Studios and Terrytoons animators that Bakshi learned from personally. Those of whom are no longer in this world, but their art is forever of this world. And will continue to exist, to inspire, intrigue, entertain and leads the history of animation art in all of its cycles. The art of animation began with the greatest artists, characters, humans of all time...according to Bakshi. He honors their genius and is thankful for each and every artist he worked with.

Jim. 28 x 21 on Fabriano

Stars. 27 x 29 on Fabriano

Moon. 34 x 22 on Fabriano

Light Table. 11 x 14 on Board

Teddy Toons 22 x 17 on Fabriano














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