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Bakshi's  Little Guys and Gals ... Welcome to a stream of Bakshi's subconscious.


Each original Little Guy and Gal character comes to life through these mini portraits.  Full of personality, ready to talk story for hours on end.  From all walks of life - every corner, every season, every town, every city.... here they are.  Bakshi brings these sketches to life with such joy - an occasional cackle - outrght belly laughs - shouts - memories flowing.    From Bakshi's world straight to yours.  Who's your new best buddy?


These original drawings are done with acrylic gouache inks, various brush sizes and styles, ink pens, graphite.  Different art papers: from smooth to rough; cold and hot press; thin and glossy to heavy.  Each paper produces a different effect and challenges the portrait's development.  The characters themselves come from a stream of consciousness, so they are always a surprise - even to the artist.

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