The Showcase 7/1/09 Guillermo Carrion

3D Graffiti Painting by Guillermo Carrion **click the image for a larger view**
About the Artist:
I am a painter. I paint 3 dimensional cities. For many years now I have been mostly painting buildings, cities, streets, rooftops and aerial views. My methods have as much to do with the investigation of materials and a close relation to urban life. I studied art in Cooper Union, NYC. And stayed there for some years after graduation. I have now moved to Spain, where I was born. And live and work in Barcelona. My early influences are 1970s animation and children shows. Later on I became interested in modern painting, from Frank Auerbach to Van Gogh, to Miquel Barcel

The Showcase 6/1/09 Jonathan Ashley

Cerberus by Jonathan Ashley **click the image for a larger view**
About the Artist:
I’m a filmmaker living in Brooklyn, New York. I have recently begun working
as a freelance illustrator (website coming soon!) to make up for the vast
sums of money I am not getting paid for my film work. My recent live-action
short Notes from the Acrid Plain with Burton Hoary has gone to several
festivals, and even won a few awards (but still gets rejected from most of
the big-name festivals).
I’m going to make another short this summer, a bit of rotoscoped animation
inspired by the look of Mr. Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings, American Pop, etc.
I figure since I can’t afford sets and costumes, why not draw them?
I’m always on the lookout for other filmmakers and artists who love fantasy,
science fiction and experimental storytelling, but who are, like me, fed up
with the lack of smart, honest, original work being produced.
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The Showcase 4/1/09 Francis Vallejo

I was born in 1985 in Farmington, NM. My family moved to Detroit, MI when I was three. Growing up on the infamous 8 mile road had a profound impact on my interests and outlook. In high school the only thing that excited me were my drawings so upon graduation I decided to enroll at Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida which is a far journey from Michigan. I originally enrolled as a computer animation major. That lasted 3 years. I switched to illustration and got back to my drawing. I graduate May 2009, and will continue my journey to make a difference with my art.
Francis Vallejo
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The Showcase 2/14/09 Miss Mindy

Nestie by Miss Mindy
Miss Mindy was sown and grown in Eagle Rock , CA. She is believed to be an elf or witch by most of the neighborhood children, due to her fondness of cooking spells & toy making. Her works consist mainly of woodcut paintings, shadow boxes, and fluid ink drawings and sketches. Mindy has an extreme affinity for past times, and loves to explore mood, expressions and bizarre humor.
Born into a family of artists and designers, she couldn

Showcase 2/1/09 Joe Vaux

Breach of contract.jpg
Breach of Contract by Joe Vaux
A product of two artists, I was always surrounded by an abundance
of art materials and inspiration. Whether working with pencil,
paint, Styrofoam or Lego I found ways to make my fantasy worlds a
bit more real.
After receiving a B.F.A. in illustration at Syracuse University in
1994, I was fortunate to be hired by Ralph Bakshi to paint
backgrounds for his Oh Yeah! Shorts. When this work was completed
and with Ralph’s help I moved to California and continued working
in the animation industry. I refer to these years as graduate
school, continuing to learn from some of the animation world’s top
artistic talent. It was during this time that I refined my voice as
a painter.
Although my influences and abilities have grown, my imagery seems
to grow out of an adolescent’s sensibility. Strange environments
and absurd characters are the players in a demented adaptation of
my life story. I hope that within the madness the viewer will find
the comedy that is our existence.
For the past eight years, I have been showing my work in galleries
around the country. I live in Los Angeles with my wife, son and
dog. Visit my world at
“Be excellent to each other!”
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Showcase 1/14/09 Dean Haspiel

Billy Dogma by Dean Haspiel
Native New Yorker, Dean Haspiel, is the creator of BILLY DOGMA and the webcomix collective, Dean has drawn superheroes for Marvel and DC Comics, including Pulitzer Prize winning Michael Chabon’s THE ESCAPIST [Dark Horse], and is best known for his collaborations with Harvey Pekar on THE QUITTER and AMERICAN SPLENDOR. Recently, Dean drew THE ALCOHOLIC, an original Vertigo graphic novel collaboration with author Jonathan Ames, and, MO & JO, a Toon Book collaboration with Jay Lynch. Dean currently edits NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR for and produced STREET CODE, a semi-autobiographical webcomic for For updates, please visit
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Showcase 1/1/09 Rob Chope

***Rob Chope is having a showing of his Art at a Detroit art gallery down from the Detroit Institute of Arts – January 2009.
homicide detective.jpg
Homicide Detective by Rob Chope
Canadian born artist Rob Chope spent countless hours in his basement “hole” drawing, painting, hiding and loving every second of it. Fast-forward a couple decades and here he is doing commercial art for one of the most sought after art studios in Michigan. Rob has enjoyed his position as master retoucher for over 10 years. After long hours working at a 30″ computer monitor Rob decided to start sneaking in the fun stuff (sci-fi & fantasy art). Then came Rob’s Bakshi “Weehawk tribute”. He was honored to do this piece as a thank you to the wonderful Bakshi folks. Despite Rob’s love of traditional mediums, he has little time to create freely. This led him down a new and inventive path. “When your job puts you in front of a huge flat screen monitor it is hard not to fall right into a new creation. I believe that the digital world has accelerated my progress and abilities. I can try any aspect of a piece in many ways and colors to study it and determine what really works best rather than wondering what something would have looked like had I approached it differently. I never have to wait for paint to dry but I do miss the smell of the acrylics, oils and pencils shavings.” So when he is not retouching to solve the world’s problems with his finely tuned creative savvy, he slips into the world of fantasy art. His work takes you to a bold, imaginative place full of exaggeration and wonder. Maybe it was having grown up in a family of machine designers that made Rob the odd man out but through that the challenge was presented. Making a living doing what he loves the most.
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Showcase 12/13/08 Thomas Hargis


Zipper by Thomas Hargis
Born and raised in Indiana, Thomas Hargis is an active cinematographer and still photographer. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinema/Television and has served as Director of Photography on numerous feature films, short films and commercials. He has received several cinematography awards, including for his work on

SHOWCASE 12/1/08 Herakut

Sell Skin by Herakut – German

Introducing the Showcase

Submissions now being accepted for review of your work to be a Featured Guest Artist in our Showcase online through Bakshi Productions, Inc.
We are looking for artistic expression which displays a raw honesty about life, people, passion, the world and beyond.
Give us your point of view. Show us your armor. Share your world.
Submit Your: Animation, Drawings, Paintings, Music, Website, Conceptual Art, Etc.
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