It’s an animated cop, mafia, horror movie set in the 1960s in Coney Island, with political overtones both realistic and outrageous.

Ground-breaking Director Ralph Bakshi Returns with New Animation, New Characters, and New Stories in “Last Days of Coney Island Part One”!

Hi. My name is Ralph Bakshi – the writer and director of such films as Fritz the Cat, Coonskin, Hey Good Looking, Heavy Traffic, Wizards, American Pop, Cool World, Fire and Ice, and Lord of the Rings.

Discussing America

In my films I have always discussed America: who we are, what we are, for better and worse, and the ridiculous.  I’m here on Kickstarter asking for your support for my newest project, Last Days of Coney Island.

It’s a series of shorts set against the strange backdrop of Coney Island and all its weird characters: crooked cops, broken hearts, jaded strippers, and singers.

coney island

Coney Island, NY

The stories take place on and around Coney’s garish, freaky midways and in it’s dark alleyways.  They discuss America: Kennedy’s assassination, the mafia, Bobby Dylan, Vietnam, Dick Tracy, Miss America, and more.


  • Bakshi Productions, Inc is turning to YOU – the fans, the public, the community – to MAKE THIS HAPPEN AND BE A PART OF HISTORY. 


Check us out on KICKSTARTER for news, updates, character designs, backgrounds, prize selections and more!


Announcing Wizards 35th Anniversary Blu-ray Release

On MARCH 13th an unbelievable Blu-RayEdition of WIZARDS is hitting the Streets!

It even has a great book with a good amount of art in it.

And…get this… Fox is putting it out for 19.99 !


We are seriously looking forward to it too…

A Remastered Deluxe Edition of Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 animated version of The Lord of the Rings is BACK on DVD & BLU RAY



The deluxe edition of the film, originally released in 1978 and adapting the first half of J.R.R. Tolkein’s epic novel,features a new, 30-minute interview with Bakshi about the making of the film. The combo pack release includes a digital copy of the movie.                         * Animation Magazine


Ahh…and here I am – still with the password to the Bakshi world.  And I sit and copy and paste and upload and send.

All the while thinking :

Fantastic!  This Lord of the Rings release is truly giving all those Bakshi haters a REASON to e-mail me and post on their blogs how awful this film is and Bakshi should lie down and surrender to the passing charges that – nooooo – his vision is corrupt and wrong and why was this even attempted in the first case.  Because what all of THESE brilliant, perfect nay-sayers have done is SO much better – Oh wait – I’m talking about all of those animated LOR films that were done with limited budget and even more limited resources.   So much MORE brilliant.  So blessed is the world to have these people in it – to point out that – IN FACT – WOWOW – Bakshi’s vision is not their own and therefore – SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CREATED.

Oh how I laugh at these comments.  I would love to travel with them.  See the world through their eyes and know that – ahh- they are so clear on Everything. And Thank You for sharing.  And wish …oh how I wish I could show them the Rings I know.

The artists delving into the realms of other worlds and painstakingly drawing, inking, painting, living every stroke.

The backgrounds, when looked at both in the film, on the canvas, board or acetate, transforms magically into it’s own living, breathing landscape.  The attention the light, the colors the wind the DETAIL is unparalleled in any animation film I have ever seen.  Even for the 70′s.  The people that created these worlds did so with a passion that stands up magnificently to a craft that is so quickly dying from our present world.  The camera man , the actors…ahh…the…hush now…dare I say it?… the rotoscoping that has so paralyzed the nay-sayers into quivering bottled up caricatures of themselves as they blast the words “rotoscoping ” from their keyboards as if blasphemy has occurred in the holiest of dens!  The artists and creators filming, acting, recording…those performances, the energy penetrating the script stands proudly, strongly, profoundly equal to the artists creating with their pencils, their inking and their painting.  What an honor to watch a mostly seamless integration of all mediums.  Let alone, one coming from the mind of one man.  The way that man read one of the greatest Novels of all time, AND had the balls ( “oh yea – wait – same guy that brought us Coonskin and Heavy Traffic…oh…ok…that makes sense?!?”) to attempt to interpret what was going on in his MIND as he READ the story, and then attempt to transport it from his brain to the screen via THOUSANDS of people who had to work on it to make it happen?  Old – school – like.  You know…pen & paper and drawings and words.

Have you seen that ROTO?- EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!  It is an art form that will never die.

OK – So there I went ranting in defense of all the ugly talk.

And to those who enjoyed the film;  take a moment and honor the blood, sweat, tears & fingernails that went into the creation.

The people who worked ’round the clock literally drawing, painting, shooting, acting, sewing.



And watch again.

And oh yea…I love Biting Bailey Boy


Online Exclusives Inner City Hues The saga of Hey Good Lookin’, Ralph Bakshi’s fractured masterpiece – by Tony Best



Online Exclusives:
Inner City Hues
The saga of Hey Good Lookin’, Ralph Bakshi’s fractured masterpiece

by Tony Best

Hey Good Lookin Production Drawing
Hey Good Lookin Production Drawing
HGL Louise Zingarelli
HGL Louise Zingarelli

The Streets -A Ralph Bakshi Collection

The Streets

The Streets

“…Bakshi has remained a sedulously dedicated self-taught painter, and this body of work is as sophisticated as his films are outrageous. The Artist has created multi-media pieces that are emotionally layered works, and clearly a departure from his past figurative works. Bakshi builds up his surfaces with elements of wood, nails, and other found objects. The artist deconstructs the sculptural elements at some point during the process, and then uses the ravaged sculpture as a canvas, continuing to paint and repaint the accumulating textures, going deeper and deeper into what he thinks he sees. In this ongoing process of building up and taking away, Ralph transforms his reality into sculptured abstraction. Inspired by every single memory of his life in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Artist produces work that is as gritty, colorful, and dynamic as New York. Bakshi’s paintings are derived from a lifetime of loving the artistic peeling of the paint on old Brownsville walls; the play of sunlight on their surfaces that changed them every few minutes.”*Animazing Gallery
Bowery 1

Bowery 1

Bowery 2

Bowery 2

Broome Street

Broome Street

Spring Street

Spring Street


….Above you will find a review of the current work by Bakshi hanging on the walls in a Gallery (Animazing Gallery) in NYC written by someone who obviously understands and respects the work.

Here is another take.
A personal take.
Which by expressing here I might be shot – de-familied (is that possibly a word) – or simply be taken away from the running (and sometimes Not running…my apologies for the sporadic and intermittent Bakshi related information supply I vowed to make available to you guys) – especially after the glass of wine I have just had and thus, feeling quite uninhibited as to what I might say…what fun…what joy. But Alas…I have the password for our newsletter…and here we all are.

I just received an e-mail;
“Would you pleeeaaasseee send out an e-mail telling everyone about ‘Streets’
Yes – Of Course, consider it done
I reply.

I open the ‘Streets’ File and begin uploading, condensing, picking, looking…and hours later…an entire lifetime of passion, art, creativity, stories, history, love, loss, dreams, family and film have taken over my entire being. These paintings actually enveloped my thoughts and moved through my soul.
Became a part of a part of questions unanswered, balancing the equation of trying to understand the depth of creation which exists every minute in Bakshi’s mind. My fathers mind.

I have had the honor of a lifetime of watching him paint, film, draw, animate, paint more, construct, write, dance, sing, deconstruct. I have listened to the rant and rages against him. The evil doings, the brilliant happenings. The loving support.

I have listened to the stories of his life.
The rages of politics;
the beauty of the now;
the evolution of the world;
all through his eyes and the eyes of his wife Lis who is the only person in the world who balances him in strength, creativity and power and keeps him whole.
I have watched the films.
I have worked on the films.
I have sorted, organized, lived the art.

And ALL OF IT has been liquefied by himself and literally, I am pretty sure, been POURED into every one of these paintings.

The power is in each one.

I can see it, feel it, hear it.

It’s as if each street has it’s own story; And each story was kneaded and pulled and pushed and risen and baked and the result are these extraordinary pieces/ And our jobs are to SEE, FEEL, HEAR the stories as we look one by one.

This is what has happened.

The passion of every creation ever created by Bakshi is on each of these canvases.

Take a moment.





It is all there and takes your breath away.

It is odd to see these up on a gallery wall.

They feel as though they should be with Bakshi; they are he. He are they.
These are evidence of a man who has spent a lifetime dedicated to his love and his art;
inspired by a Bassett woman;
motivated by offspring;
eaten by Hollywood;
risen to the answer.

This -
to me-
is what
The Streets.
Bakshi’s Streets.
Your Streets.
Our Streets
And every story we have ever created on those Streets.
He gives them back to us.
On a small canvas.
That we can hang on our wall and watch flip through the myriad of images that race before our eyes as if we are watching a flat screen tv.

But it is our minds that are flipping.
Not the screen.


Then again…listen to nothing I have said.
After all…
I am just his daughter..

Mighty Mouse : The New Adventures Official Release 01/05/10

The long awaited DVD release of the 86/87 Mighty Mouse Series is now OUT!


Check out the article in WIRED Magazine HERE:

Innovative and fiercely independent animation pioneers Ralph Bakshi and John Kricfalusi skewed television surreal with Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, a 1987 show that expired in a hail of controversy after just a year. But its lasting impact on later bizarro toons like Kricfalusi’s Ren and Stimpy, South Park and even Spongebob Squarepants has secured the series’ place in animation history.

“If not for Ralph Bakshi, the ‘creator-driven’ [animation] revolution of the ’90s would probably never have happened,” the busy Kricfalusi told in an e-mail interview. “Everyone credits Ren and Stimpy for drastically changing the way kid cartoons were made, but it really started two years earlier with Mighty Mouse.”

Read More

mm 010

Get it on AMAZON HERE !!!

Wax Poetics No 38/ A Talk with Ralph Bakshi

Wax Poetics Issue 38 Check It out Here



  • Ralph Bakshi
    When I was doing Mighty Mouse and The Mighty Heroes, I didn’t like what I was doing. That wasn’t the raw edge of life I grew up with. Bob Dylan was singing, the freedom marches were happening, Miles Davis was blowin’, and the stuff Coltrane was doing was brand new. So doing this stupid, old bullshit wasn’t good enough. Appearances This Summer

Photo Courtesy of Victoria at the Booth in San Diego
Bakshi Productions will be at Anime Expo in LA (Booth #351), Comic-Con in San Diego RIGHT NOW! (Booth #2049), and Ralph Bakshi will have an appearance and booth at SWACE in Albuquerque. *FOR SWACE INFO CLICK HERE*
More info to come soon…
For questions: infoATralphbakshiDOTcom

Ms. Muffet Says Happy New Year!

June 14th Bakshi at Meltdown Gallery

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