Ralph Bakshi opened Bakshi Productions, Inc. in 1971 and has produced, directed and written feature films and television for over thirty years. Resulting from your requests over the years, we are now making Bakshi’s Private Collection of Artwork available directly from us. The Ralph Bakshi Art Website at


General Blog/Website Questions: info AT ralphbakshi DOT com

Shop Questions: shop AT ralphbakshi DOT com

2 thoughts on “Info/Contact

  1. i just completed a feature length animation film…i truly think you would enjoy watching it…..its going to make some noise

    Lamonte Moore

  2. thanks for the headsup on Mighty Mouse
    that is the best cartoon ever
    especially Elwy and the tree weasles
    I will never forget how hard we laughed when it first came on tv on Saturday morning
    Tears were pouring from my eyes from hysterical laughter
    I just turned 50 and I grew up loving cartoons like beanie and cecil and Warner Bros and Ren and Stimpy
    but NAMM is my fave!!!!
    I just ordered it on amazon

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