Saturday Morning Cartoons 1966

A rundown on what was Happenning in Saturday Morning Cartoon Land in 1966!  Remember those days when we couldn’t wait for the friday  night sleep overs to wake up to cartoons and pancakes…Wow – yeah…those were the days….

For Old Times Sake….Take a walk down nostalgia lane by clicking on the Mighty Heroes image below – its waaay cooooolllllll.

and Check Out Mighty Heroes on the left Hand Column!


And Here is the Original Development Art for Bakshi’s Mighty Heroes for your viewing pleasure…..

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons 1966

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  2. i used to talk to friends about Mighty Heroes even before i knew anything about Ralph Bakshi. it was one of those cartoons that would come on in the morning before school, but it always right when i needed to leave the house. therefore it was usually the one that made me late because i had to watch it all the way to the end. it was like nothing else. great, funny characters. amazing art, like no other animation i’d seen. killer story structure that was new and nostalgic at the same time. and music! right up there with Space Ghost and Johnny Quest. i would say these things to people and they would just stare at me blankly. oh well, their loss.

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